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Welcome to the Best-In-Class Results Delivery Toolkit

What you will find in the document:

  • Information on the "how" - how to manage the stakeholder buy-in process of a large-scale change program in your district.
  • "How-to guides" for specific change management activities related to the change program
    • e.g. leadership alignment workshops, risk assessment survey, Engagement Strategy development and execution, etc.
  • Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) and Multi-Measure Evaluation-specific examples for change management elements.

What you will NOT find in the document:

  • Information on the "what" - what the right solution design is for your district when considering a large scale change program (See Best-In-Class Resource guide).
  • A step-by-step guide on the work required to implement the program itself (i.e. the solution)
  • Guidance on how to tailor ACE and Multi-Measure Evaluation systems to the needs of your district.

This overview will provide you with a review what to expect.