TeachDFW is a regional effort to elevate the perception of the teaching profession and to increase applications to partner teacher preparation programs that are committed to continuous improvement, quality preparation of teachers for our region’s students, and collaboration. TeachDFW is made possible by The Commit Partnership, Communities Foundation of Texas, and TEACH.org.


Key Objectives

Through collaborative marketing, hands-on support of candidates, reducing barriers for applicants, strengthening ‘Grow Your Own’ and teacher prep program recruitment, and using data for continuous improvement of recruitment practices, the TeachDFW Initiative will:

  • Elevate the perception of the teaching profession
  • Increase the number of talented students from diverse backgrounds applying to high-quality teacher preparation programs in the DFW region
  • Increase the number of diverse, highly-qualified teachers certified each year who apply to teach and are hired in the DFW region



Research tells us that completing student teaching leads to better prepared, effective teachers. Yet, in 2017, 72% of DFW’s brand new teachers did not come from regional teacher preparation programs that require a form of student teaching.


In 2017, DFW teachers with a form of student teaching in their preparation were 16% more likely to feel well-prepared to teach compared to their counterparts without student teaching.


This matters because when new teachers have a strong start to their careers, they are more likely to be effective long term and more likely to stay in the profession. And, teachers are the most important in-school based factor in students' achievement.

Current Focus

For 2017-2018, we have focused on improving the digital tools of TeachDFW, including the addition of content and functionality to help teacher preparation program applicants. We piloted My Application Coach, a suite of services to provide individualized support to applicants. Our primary goal was to increase applications to partner post-baccalaureate teacher preparation programs and secondary goal was to assist recruiting efforts across the continuum.

Initiative Leader: Ana Hernandez

Manager, Best in Class

Please contact Ana to learn more: Ana.Hernandez@commitpartnership.org