Advisory Board

Local philanthropic, civic, and business leaders committed to marshaling resources in support of the Best in Class Coalition, its partners, and its strategies.

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Alignment Council

The alignment council helps build broad-based support and alignment to the Best in Class community-wide goals as well as contributes and expands knowledge and expertise about how to build and maintain an effective educator workforce. The alignment Council meets a minimum of twice a year.


Working Groups

Practitioners engaged in carrying out specific Best in Class Coalition initiatives, from advocacy efforts to district-level implementation of best practices in teacher and school leader recruitment, preparation, development, and retention.

ACE Learning Community

ACE is an equity driven initiative that seeks to incentivize a school district’s most effective educators to lead and teach at historically underperforming campuses plagued by large achievement gaps by student family income and/or race, or that failed to meet state accountability standards. The goal is to ensure the students of highest need have the most effective educators, and a nurturing environment that supports the whole child. Learn more here.

School Leadership Working Group

Extraordinary principals are instrumental for teacher development and retention.  For example, the top three factors local teachers sited as making them more likely to stay at their current school were all things directly in the purview of principals: improved school culture, more supports for behavioral challenges, and appreciation from school leadership. However, many challenges exist in the current Dallas-Fort Worth principal pipeline. Learn more here.

Teacher Council

Coming in November 2018, the Best in Class Coalition will help facilitate a council of current teachers in DFW that will play a key role in improving strategies to support teachers and students in the region and informing the strategies and initiatives of Best in Class. Learn more here.

Educator Prep Program and District

The Educator Prep Program and District Working Group is a group of teacher preparation programs and school systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth region that are committed to collaborating in order to improve the effectiveness of the educators our region’s students have access to. Learn more here.

Grow Your Own Program Support

School districts across our region promote education as a career choice through “Grow Your Own” programs for high school students. Districts are increasingly recognizing the positive impact of having teachers that reflect the students and the community they serve.  Grow Your Own Programs offer districts a way to address the shrinking supply of teachers as well as ensure they are developing future teachers that will reflect the students and communities they serve. Learn more here.

TeachDFW Initiative

TeachDFW is a regional effort to elevate the perception of the teaching profession and to increase applications to partner teacher preparation programs that are committed to continuous improvement, quality preparation of teachers for our region’s students, and collaboration. TeachDFW is made possible by The Commit Partnership, Communities Foundation of Texas, and Learn more here.



Backbone staff supporting the work of the Best in Class Coalition.

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