The Opportunity

Equity. We know in our hearts that systemic injustices are alive and well, have deep historical roots, and hold back the brilliance of many students. Which holds back kids and families. This reality prevents us from not only living up to the promise of education for individual people, but also from building a vibrant workforce that enables a thriving Texas economy. Education has the potential to be the equalizer. And, the people who make it happen are teachers and leaders.

Our Collective Vision

Every child deserves the chance to be taught by well-prepared, effective, and diverse educators. The Best in Class Coalition is united behind a shared vision for transforming teacher and school leader pipelines in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. Committed to data-driven strategies and a continuous-improvement approach, coalition partners  focus improvement on shared, community-wide goals.

Our Goal

Our goal is to increase the number of students in the Dallas/Fort Worth region who are on track for college and career success by ensuring access to effective and diverse teachers and school leaders in every school.