Grow Your Own Program Support

School districts across our region promote education as a career choice through Grow Your Own programs for high school students. Districts are increasingly recognizing the positive impact of having teachers that reflect the students and the community they serve.  Grow Your Own Programs offer districts a way to address the shrinking supply of teachers as well as ensure they are developing future teachers that will reflect the students and communities they serve.

Key Objectives

Grow Your Own Programs serve multiple objectives:

  • Elevate the perception of the teaching profession among current K-12 students.
  • Prepare students for a career in education through the development and facilitation of high-quality Education and Training courses at the high school level. Grow Your Own programs provide opportunities to earn college credit through dual credit and Early Collegiate High School Programs.
  • Increase the diversity and quality of the teaching workforce by offering open offers for future employment in the district once students complete their Teaching Degrees.
  • Provide opportunities for current students to return to the district as teachers, serving their community and serving as a role model for the future generation of teachers.

The Challenge


Interest in education majors among ACT test-takers is down 16% since 2010. 

Latinx Students
Latinx Teachers

In Dallas County, 56% of students are Latinx versus only 21% of teachers.

Current Focus

Best in Class partners with area school districts to support quality and expansion of district Grow Your Own programs.  The Grow Your Own Working Group convened by Best in Class provides space for district program leaders to come together to highlight best practices and to tackle common challenges. Best in Class is also collaborating with TeachDFW to create marketing materials and tools aimed at elevating the teaching profession amongst current K-12 students, as well as attracting more students into district Grow Your Own programs.

Initiative Leader: Betsy Cook


Please contact Betsy to learn more:

Betsy Cook Best in Class