Educator Excellence Toolkit

Best in Class Coalition recognizes that teachers and school leaders are the most important school-based factors in student achievement.  With better differentiation of talent, a district is able to strengthen strategies on a number of topics.

  • Equity of Access to Strong Teachers and School Leaders
  • Differentiated Professional Development
  • Identification of future school leaders
  • Pairing new/student teachers with high performing mentors
  • Recruitment based on pipeline analysis
  • Retention Strategies
  • Career Pathways

Key Objective

Over the course of six months, a working group comprised of experts in the preparation, evaluation, and ongoing development of educators will collaborate to create an educator evaluation toolkit that will help interested districts modify and implement more robust educator evaluation systems.  The toolkit will include a set of supplements to Texas’s current educator evaluation system (T-PESS and T-TESS) designed to help districts better differentiate educator performance.  The supplements will include a variety of additions and revisions to T-PESS and T-TESS.

The Challenge

Although T-TESS and T-PESS includes many of the key components that make for great teachers and leaders, current T-TESS/T-PESS does not give the differentiation needed by districts to be able to take action to provide differentiated professional development or implement recruitment, retention, or staffing strategies.

Current Focus

While Texas recently has implemented a new principal and teacher evaluation system, some key gaps exist that leave room for further improvements to support effective differentiation among educators.

This group will explore topics of inter-rater reliability best practices, student voice measurements, student growth measurements, and more.

The educator excellence toolkit working group will work in close collaboration with the school leadership working group to ensure the components developed support the work districts are doing to define a vision of extraordinary leadership.

Initiative Leader: Betsy Cook

Deputy Director at Communities Foundation of Texas

Please contact Betsy to learn more: